Thursday, August 18, 2011

Boingo Peeled Pants.
Dark, Light, and Dark+Light. Sculpted flaps on front and back, custom sculpted cuffs.

We wanted to make a pants series that could be worn on numerous occasions with lots of styles of tops, and also have something unique... the unzipped back was our answer.

BOINGO Peeled Pants-Dark+Light

BOINGO Peeled Pants-Light

BOINGO Peeled Pants-Dark
BOINGO Peeled Pants-detail
Also in these photos:
Boingo Soft Bikinis top-Orange
Boingo Mesh Bikini bottom-tinted black
Boingo Orsis skin-Amazon tone
shoes- Bax
jewelry- Rozoregalia

Saturday, June 20, 2009


As we build the new BOINGO store for July 1 we’re adding some colors to existing pieces based on all your requests...

Have fun!


Here is a new Link Dress 2 in almost white PEARL (Pure white causes lots of color problems in SL) so you can go behave like a Devil, while looking like an Angel.

We got a lot of requests for this but we hand paint everything and I wanted to make sure it was just right. Submitted for your approval, and available in the main store..
The Boingo Link Dress 2- GOLD & SILVER.

(Oh btw… the stain on the hip is NOT a stain! This fabric is metallic and it’s a reflection! All painted to make it look real, just like a metallic dress in RL would.)

I have a minor obsession with shopping and visit art galleries in larger cities. (Someone I know very well said it was the understatement of the year…) But I love to take a stroll down the streets and have a look at shop windows to see how they have decorated to get the clothes to look their best. I also love to sit in front of a painting or a sculpture and just think about how the artist was thinking when He/She created it.

I have been thinking a lot about fashion in general lately. I was reading a blog the other day and this blogger had a strong opinion about fashion not being art. She said fashion is fashion and art is art. She also said there is a huge difference and that anyone that really have seen any kind of art and compared those or even had a thought it’s on the same page is an imbecile. Why she was thinking like this didn’t really come up to the surface.

I had to think… Is fashion art? Can art be made into fashion? Does it have anything at all to do with each other? Can one be influenced by the other? Music and fashion definitely are… So if music and fashion goes hand in hand then why can’t fashion and art? How did this subject get into her head in the first place? For me it was obvious! Of course fashion is art! When I look at a dress, RL or SL, and know how much work that’s behind it and all the sketches it took to get it right or how it, just like a painting, comes to life in the mind, heart and dreams of the designer I cant but help thinking… FASHION IS ART!!! And that is my opinion.

So let’s say for a second that fashion is art… another question. Can you compare RL fashion to SL fashion? I mean… in SL you can wear clothes and things not possible in RL. Like our wonderful Link dress 2 for example. I know for sure my tits wouldn’t stay behind this fabric! If it could be made in RL (or is it already?) would it stand a chance at the New York fashion Week? I have no idea. In august I’m attending the Stockholm Fashion Week. Then I will try to see if there is anything like the Link cocktail dress and if there is… I WILL BUY IT!!

Here is your chance to pick up one real piece of artwork…
Link Dress in PEARL, GOLD or SILVER for $575 L each
(The collection is intricately cut and constructed as usual.)You will kick ass at any opening of an exhibition or cocktail party in this dress.

Boingo is about being different.
Take a walk on the wild side Multiversers!

//Yeti – the imbecile

Monday, June 8, 2009


I can’t remember how many times Jeela said “It didn’t look like this in Photoshop…”

I think it's time that you see an example of what she means.

Everytime you change a picture and save it as a .jpeg some pixels are taken away or how I shall explain it. So imagine this… Jeela made the left side with no distortion. I got it, had to make some changes before I saved it at least 2 times to get it like this. In between we lost some pixels’ in the process. Now… if you don’t have a graphic card like Jeela does in her Mac… well I sure don’t… then think how she sees this everytime she downloads some clothing into Second Life.

Jeela told me she tried to make the stones in this dress look like plastic. I think it looks like the Lapis Lazuli. Imagine some golden strokes and this dress is worth a fortune!

Lapis lazuli is used to reduce fever and to treat blood diseases. It reinforces the vision, if worn regularly. Lapis lazuli is an uplifting spiritual rock and a good meditation stone. It helps against depression. It strengthens the ties of love and loyalty between couples. It opens up your spirituality. Lapis lazuli is a protection stone and gives you courage. Lapis lazuli can be used on the throat chakra and third eye.

Who wouldn’t love to have a stone like this on your dress when you go out dancing? And start counting the ones on this dress… 1,2,3,4,5,6… You will be happy, have the sight of a hawk, no fever, your hubby will adore you and stay loyal though out the night, it will protect you and give you courage!! And above all… with this numerous of stones around the throat you will keep talking your inner truth all week long!!!

YOU will be the queen of any dance floor!!

Couldn’t help but taking a picture in our AYA Goth skin! When I was out dancing like this I felt like the witch in the Narnia Chronicles.

//Yeti – the snow queen of Lapis Lazuli!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

NEW LINK DRESS 2 by Yeti Voom

Jeela did it again!

The link dress 2 is finally 4…
Black and red and here are the 2 new ones in blue and green.

I was out exploring the new SIM where Jeela and I are going to build the new headquarters. Standing there a girl came up to me…

Here’s the following conversation…
Chat Range Notifier 0.32: Kaden A has entered chat range
Yeti Voom: Hello
Kaden A: hi
Yeti Voom: how are u?
Kaden A: good urself
Yeti Voom: im great
Yeti Voom: how did u end up here on this new empty plot?
Kaden A: well i used to have a landmark for a skybox that isnt there and i fell here
Kaden A: u?
Yeti Voom: we are gonna build a store here
Kaden A: i see.
Kaden A: i see.
Kaden A accepted your inventory offer.
Yeti Voom: that is the LM to Boingo our store
Kaden A: very neat.
Yeti Voom: i hope to see u here when its all set
Kaden A: we will see.
Yeti Voom: yes we will
Yeti Voom: have a great day!
Kaden A: so u walk around all sl in that or do you have normal clothes too?
Yeti Voom: hahaha
Yeti Voom: of cos i do and this is normal right?
Kaden A: ok well bye.
Yeti Voom: bye bye
Chat Range Notifier 0.32: Kaden A has left chat range
I thought the girl was joking! Apparently not….
BoingO is about the unusual things in life. We will always try to design something odd, something useful in a new way. Things that work in SL but might not in RL.

And in the meantime, be unusual!

- Jeela Juran and Yeti Voom

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Group Notice From: Jeela Juran

Here is the second in our series of latin dance dresses... the flame-inspired SPITFIRE.

We adjusted the flexi settings so this dress looks amazing while moving and still holds its shape standing still... just stay away from flamable things... you've been warned!

In store and Xstreets even as we speak!

Jeela and Yeti

"You shake my nerves and you rattle my brain
Too much love drives a man insane
You broke my will, oh what a thrill
Goodness gracious great balls of fire"
Jerry Lee Lewis

This is where it started! Jeela get an idea and make a sketch and out comes the most amazing things like this dress! Taken from the element of fire!
Jeela and I just hope you will enjoy wearing it as much as we love making them.

Perfect for that hot special date or just for a great night out with the girls!

//Goodness gracious Yeti’s on fire…

Friday, May 1, 2009


I have a dream!
Famous words from a great human being!
Another great person had another kind of dream….
Group Notice From: Jeela Juran

I had a dream a few nights ago that I was in a Dancesport competition... the pro ballroom dancing world... all these fantastic clothes they wear swirling around the bright lights of the dance floor...

I woke up and started in painting around 6am... by 4pm I had the majority of this Nightsong Latin Dress completed. Added matching gloves and a few more strands of pearls on the hip, tested the skirt flow and tweaked the flexi settings for more elegance while dancing and voila.

Try it out....

-Jeela & Yeti
From what I understand, there will be an entire suite of Latin dresses. Here is the first one and Jeela called it Nightsong. For me this dress represents the element of water. I see it floating around my legs and make me feel like I’m in the flow and winning the competition!!

Who would not want to go out dancing in this elegant, yet sexy and dared dress?

Coming up next:
The sister of Johnny Storm!

//Yeti, dancing Queen young and sweet only 17…

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Some weeks ago I sat with my darling by the sea on the rocks, one of the first warm days of spring in Sweden, when he asked me if I ever thought of SL things IRL. “What do you mean?” I said. “You of all know how much I think about Boingo and all things I have to do in SL when I get home from RL work.” This was not what he meant at all. “No, I mean… do you ever wish you could fly or put an AO on or do you ever wake up and get confused when you are not in your house at Voomderland?” he said. I had to think for a few minutes meantime I zipped on my coffee and rolled my hair between my fingers and then I answered… “No, not anymore but in the beginning about 2 years ago I did a lot. I kind of mixed the worlds up a bit”

I got a mail from an SL friend where he told me that one day when he was talking to his boss in her office he suddenly found himself walking around in her room just like his avatar does! He laughed!! And all of you who have seen the AO from AKEYO know what I mean.

Do we really get into our roles as the avatars so much that we become like them?
There is a saying in SL that SL is SL and RL is RL. Now is that really so? Do you ever mix the worlds? Or look for the pink/blue ball before you sit or go to bed? Hahaha…

I never got that far but what I do miss in RL is my huge inventory!!! Just think about all the clothes I got from Boingo. Not to mention all the skins!! All 342 of them or do we have more? Just click on pink lips and I’m ready to go. Or my favourite…ANU Mithrill!! I wish Jeela could make that in our natural series with the small beauty mark.

Well summer is just around the corner, at least on the north hemisphere, and soon it will be time for Beach 2009! Then I wish I had the Boingo HOLOGRAM BIKINI! Hmmm… what to wear at the beach today? The red one? But… the blue one is great and the black shows my butt best and the violet is cool with this sun tan and the white is glowing in the sun and… and… and… Nahhh, I’ll take the orange one to show off!!! Anyhow… the small strings won’t leave these gross white marks on my body cos they are so thin. Ohhhh… just think about all these contests I’m going to win in RL!! Bummer… SL I mean!!


//Yeti, the Boingo Beach Bitch 2009!!